Integrity is a promise and a strategy that is embedded in our organisation.

Integrity defines our culture and lies at the heart of our difference. It is why our customers trust us with their business year after year.

Most people have only a fraction of the training they need to succeed. This is why most struggle to succeed and fall short of their goals on a consistent basis.

The Integrity Solutions approach fills these gaps, the missing elements that are crucial to success. By focusing on the skills and mindset, through a disciplined process, we unlock the very things that drive performance.

Our approach is based on the belief that thriving today, as an organisation or as a professional, depends on your ability to understand who people are and connect with them in a way that goes beyond superficiality.

In a world filled with more uncertainty, change, and competition than ever, customer relationships rooted in integrity have never been more powerful or driven more value. When you connect deeply with your mission, each other, and your buyers, performance improves exponentially.

Top talent on the fence becomes enthusiastic recruits. Stalled managers grow into successful leaders. New customers become lifelong champions. And target accounts convert to coveted logos faster and more often.

Integrity Team

integrity solutions centre new zealand

Megan Brice

Managing Director
integrity solutions centre new zealand

Adrian Clarke

Business Training Advisor
integrity solutions centre new zealand

Luke Sullivan

Marketing Manager
Integrity Solutions New-Zealand

Bob McCarthy

Training Facilitator

Peter Strohkorb

Business Training Advisor

Lynne Jacobs

Leadership Coaching Specialist

Carol Peters

Customer Centricity Advisor

Richard Briggs

Training Expert

Peter George

Strategic Business Partner