Adrian Clarke

Business Training Advisor

About Adrian Clarke

Adrian is an experienced facilitator, sales professional, digital marketing adviser, manager and business owner. Prior to joining Integrity Solutions, over the past 30 years he started, grew and then successfully sold five printing businesses both in the UK and in New Zealand.

He is now focused on his passion for developing people with Integrity Solutions. He strongly believes in achieving your full potential, both physically and mentally. He derives great satisfaction in helping people remove their barriers and achieve success in every area of their life.

Adrian’s philosophy is that sales, communication and leadership skills are essential in the majority of occupations, as well as most aspects of everyday life. Therefore improving these skills, beliefs and attitudes will help you for the rest of your life.

Originally from the UK, Adrian is based in North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand. He loves football and is a passionate, lifelong Liverpool supporter. He is also an enthusiastic guitarist.