Bob McCarthy

Training Facilitator

About Bob McCarthy

Based in Melbourne, Australia. Bob is an experienced leader, facilitator and business mentor. Prior to working with Integrity, he ran a major international training organisation in Ireland for 12 years before moving to Australia to take a leadership role in that organisation.

Bob is an experienced professional yachtsman. He spent 16 years as an officer in the Irish Naval Service, where he served as an officer on board many of the state Naval Ships. He was also a Diving Officer and, when not on sea-going duties, managed training for those at all levels of the Naval Service. He competed in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race in 1989/90 and has been involved in various international competitive offshore sailing events since then, both as a competitor and team-builder. In addition to his ongoing focus on business growth for his client organisations, he continues to have an active hands-on approach to building teams in the professional sports sector.

Bob McCarthy Testimonial

For me recommendations come at the premium of really outstanding service. I have to say Bob overachieved in the delivery of business development for our firm. Our ‘sales’ channel is different in that our referrers aren’t paid for leads, instead they trust our firm with often psychologically and or physically traumatised clients/members/patients. So it’s a highly trust based channel. Bob not only understood this but tailored his program really well. And our teams …. They loved it. He applies his craft with passion, enthusiasm and of course integrity. I highly recommend Bob.

Geoff Donohue,
General Manager Business Development. Maurice Blackburn Lawyers