Carol Peters

Customer Centricity Advisor

About Carol Peters

With over 20 years relevant experience, Carol’s multi-disciplinary background in law, business strategy & business education, marketing and psychology make for a powerful combination when it comes to strategy, planning, implementation and change management. Carol explores issues and options from multiple angles to create solutions that achieve the desired results.

Carol has successfully worked with businesses and organisations big and small, public and private, in many industries and sectors – professional and financial services, health, construction, engineering & IT, community services and education – as well as being an adviser to business advisers and coaches in their own practices.

With extensive experience in customer-centric and complex business strategy, Carol has a proven ability to identify key issues and areas of potential risk. She is also skilled in primary research, customer experience analysis and change management. Her experience includes working within regulatory and compliance frameworks.

Carol has a demonstrated ability to communicate and work effectively with all stakeholders, including shareholders, boards, directors, executive & management, front-line staff, external suppliers, customers, and end users.