Success in sales begins within the head and heart of the salesperson, not robotic, process-driven rules. Successful sellers need a solid foundation of proven selling skills. However, the majority of success in selling is attributed to attitudes, emotions and beliefs. Yet most sales training fails to take these additional factors into account, and as a result, most sales training ultimately fails the people (and the organisations) it’s supposed to help. There is a better way...

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Integrity Selling sales training

Integrity Selling combines a proven-six-step selling methodology with breakthroughs in the critical areas frequently overlooked in most sales programs- self-belief, confidence and achievement drive.

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Navigating the Complex Sale

A dynamic strategic account management sales training course that provides practical tools to build and execute strategy in large accounts with multiple stakeholders who influence a buying decision.

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ACHIEVE! is a dynamic road-map for rapidly accelerating sales performance and turning goals into reality by targeting barriers that stand in the way.

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The X-Factor in Selling

It’s important to identify the X-Factor in selling, which is: successful salespeople exhibit attitudes, motives, beliefs, and values that create a drive for achievement that multiplies their sales power.

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Integrity Communication

A comprehensive solution that helps business professionals communicate, collaborate and influence more effectively to increase team performance. Integrity Communication creates a common language and dialogue for success.

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Discovery! is a process designed for superior sales executives who want to improve their competence, confidence and commitment, and take their interviewing skills to the next level.

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Advanced or Refresher Sales Training Modules

Accelerated Performance sales training modules are designed to delve deeper into Integrity Selling, giving sales professionals the skills and tools needed to take their selling efforts to the next level.

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"It is critically important to deliver a consistent message and approach to our customers. The Integrity Selling module has equipped our sales associates with a systematic and common approach for preparation, qualifying the customer and sales call follow-up. Integrity Solutions was the right investment at the right time for our business.”