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Welcome to Integrity Selling®, a Sales and Development training program offered either in-person or online across New Zealand, Australia and Asia Pacific.

Our program goes beyond just reaching sales targets; it focuses on building long-term relationships with your customers. We understand that the right mindset, attitudes, emotions, and beliefs are essential for sales success, which is why we integrate mindset and skill development in our training.

Our comprehensive program fosters behaviours that pave the way for productive and long-term business partnerships. With Integrity Selling®, you can take your sales team to new heights of success while staying true to your values and ethical principles.

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Impact On Your Organisation


Sales Revenue


Employee Satisfaction


Call Reluctance


Customer Satisfaction

Benefits of
Ethical Sales Training:

Equip sales team with confidence, skills and ethical behaviours
Boost motivation and drive
Uncover and develop customer needs
Showcase value and stand out from competition
Link recommendations to customer needs and priorities
Handle objections with confidence and diplomacy
Secure more high-quality commitments by building stronger customer relationships
Plan sales calls effectively
Incorporate positive values, ethics and beliefs into every aspect of selling

Sales Congruence Model

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What is Sales Congruence?

The ability to sell successfully doesn’t depend solely on product knowledge or selling skills. Your beliefs, values and genuine desire to create value for customers are often more influential.

The Sales Congruence Model identifies five dimensions that affect sales success:

  • View of Selling.
  • View of Abilities.
  • Values.
  • Commitment to Activities.
  • Belief in Product.

Practicing the principles of Integrity Selling will strengthen these five dimensions as well as your core selling skills. As they are brought into congruence or alignment, you will sell more!

How We Work With You

Integrity solutions centre new zealand
Digital Platform Pre-Work
  • Engaging Experience: Video, Survey, Social Learning, Collaboration
  • 90 Minutes
Initial Workshop
  • Discovery Learning
  • Interactive
  • Virtual
  • Positive Environment
  • Self-Levels/ Customises
  • Practices
  • 1-2 Days
Eight-Week Structured Follow-Up
  • Real-play vs Role-play
  • Time Lapse
  • Accountability
  • Positive Peer Pressure
  • Supports Network
  • Recognition
  • Build Belief
  • Coaching Training
  • 60 - 90 Minutes Weekly
Ongoing Reinforcement
  • Monthly Reinforcement Sessions
  • Managers Coaching
  • Digital Refreshers
  • Additional Modules

What Makes Integrity Selling So Valuable?

Integrity solutions centre new zealand
  • 1
    A flexible process for having an organised, sales conversation
  • 2
    Highly interactive course dynamics
  • 3
    Content may be customised based on organisation or industry
  • 4
    8-Week Follow-Up course and optional Monthly Performance Accelerator Modules.
  • 5
    Participants learn the value of ethical behaviour in sales situations

Client Success

Examples of the impact Integrity Selling delivers for our clients

Hudson, Australasia

"Across Australasia, the program at end of Q1.
Delivered a preliminary:
• ROI of 311%
• Gross Margin of 35%,
• exceeding its Gross Margin hurdle of 10%.
• Pipeline Increases: Sales Calls 51%, Client Visits 34%, New Jobs 55%"

Aarque Graphics, New Zealand

"We won a $300,000 account because of the partnership philosophy developed from Integrity Selling. We’ve seen a change in the psyche of our people. We now have a common language, we know what each other means and can empathise."

Tomahawk, New Zealand

"The information I have learned has been invaluable to my daily operating, making the sales process clear, easy to manage and resulting in a win/win for both the client and the team here."

Aristocrat, New Zealand

“The results from implementing Integrity Selling were impressive. We doubled sales revenue and increased our share of wallet. This contributed significantly to the global bottom line and as a result we won two global awards in a row for best performing country. Integrity Selling was integral to our business success and high performance sales team.”

Morgan & Banks, New Zealand

"We grew our sales during economic crisis, kept our team intact and our profitability increased tenfold."

Integrity solutions centre new zealand


“In the course of installing this philosophy and programme in our own company, we were so blown away with our success that we became a licenced partner with Integrity Solutions. Our results speak for themselves. During this downturn our company emerged as the clear number one market leader across all our market sectors, grew our sales, kept our team intact and our profitability increased tenfold. Additionally, we assisted many organisations make the transition to customer needs focused sales. I can highly recommend this programme.”

- Peter Sullivan

Managing Director, Morgan & Banks New Zealand

Sales Training Programs Customised For Your Industry

In this demanding environment, healthcare sales training programs that focuses on skills and product knowledge is still important, but it’s not nearly enough. When you address mindset and build accountability into the process, you’ll help your sales reps discover a greater sense of purpose that will increase their self-belief, achievement drive and motivation.

They’ll be able to push past the obstacles they’re up against and focus on what counts: increasing value, differentiation and commitments from every interaction and solidifying customer trust and loyalty.

See how Integrity Selling For Healthcare can take your sales team to the next level.