April 13, 2023

Contact Centres

Contact centres are embracing their role as the companies front line, impacting customer experience and profit. They are a central part of the company’s brand strategy. We approach contact centre training by developing the critical skills and ethical, customer-centric behaviours that forge long-term loyalty.

Elevate The Value of Customer Conversations.

We help your contact centre team to deliver meaningful value during every customer interaction. To have conversations that dig below the surface to discover what might be causing customer concerns. To move away from the script to being more conversational—while staying within handle time boundaries and improving call quality metrics.

The most effective contact centre teams are driven by a belief that their role is:

  • To be of service.
  • To understand customer needs.
  • To help solve problems.
  • To take ownership of outcomes.

When you equip your employees to connect with customers as advisors rather than order takers, you instil a sense of pride. They recognise that they are an integral part of the solution. This not only makes their jobs more rewarding, it also increases their engagement and motivation. As a result, they are able to deliver a level of customer service that is completely genuine and demonstrates their compassion and concern.

It starts with shifting people away from the mindset that sales and customer service are two separate things to creating a sales culture where the two are seen as one and the same. By enabling and empowering your contact centre team to convert more calls to customers and ensure that they retain those customers, you’ll build their confidence, and they’ll be more committed to delivering exceptional value in every customer interaction.

When that happens, everybody wins—the customer, the company and the contact centre team.

Creating High-Value Conversations.

Equip your contact centre teams with the sales and service behaviours to:

  • Maintain a customer-focused mindset and add value throughout the conversation.
  • Ask open-ended questions to uncover the customer’s needs, wants, desires and concerns.
  • Listen carefully to determine what matters most to the customer before offering solutions.
  • Develop an emotional connection with customers and gain their trust.
  • Pay attention to the customer’s pace and tone, adjusting their own behaviour accordingly.
  • Be comfortable asking for a commitment.

Contact Centre Training Outcomes:

  • Customers view team members as solution providers and partners in their success.
  • Customers have greater loyalty and seek out advice for additional needs.
  • Contact centres report higher contact quality as well as number of products and revenue per client.
  • Organisations build a strong reputation for integrity, attracting and retaining more customers.
  • Organisations enjoy a great sales and service culture with high engagement, enabling them to attract and retain high performers.