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Integrity Coaching®

Maximise The Potential in Your People.

Embedding coaching into the very fabric of your organisational culture, Integrity Coaching® fosters a deep sense of trust throughout your team, sparking significant gains in employee engagement, retention, and overall productivity.

This program empowers your leaders with the necessary skills to coach effectively and authentically, tailoring their approach to various situations and styles. It also instils the mindset that transforms coaching into a regular, ingrained practice. By equipping your team with these tools, Integrity Coaching® sets the stage for heightened performance at every level of your organisation.

Integrity Coaching® is designed to enable managers to excel in their leadership roles, unlocking the untapped potential within each team member. As a result, your staff will begin to recognise greater possibilities within themselves. Simultaneously, upper-level leaders will reshape their understanding of their roles, focusing more on delegation and allocating more time to strategic objectives.

Through Integrity Coaching®, a transformative shift in mindset occurs within your organisation. This shift fosters new leadership behaviours rooted in the conviction that nurturing the next generation of leaders is a key priority. Our approach cantres on engaging team members with the company’s mission, bolstering their confidence and commitment, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Expected Results

70% Increase

Work Performance

81% Increase


61% Increase

Business Management

72% Increase

Communication Skills

Benefits of
Integrity Coaching®:

Build confidence in team members.
Create coaching culture.
Increase employee achievement drive.
Improved workplace satisfaction and engagement.
Developing proactivity and productivity within teams.
Overcoming self-limiting beliefs.
Increasing workplace trust and cohesion.
Builds foundation for organisational growth.

Bridging the Gap

Leadership Coaching | Leadership Training | Leadership Development | Leadership Course | Integrity Solutions Centre

Leader, Manager and Coach

Leaders and managers who prioritise coaching can reap significant benefits for their organisations. By providing regular feedback, setting clear expectations, and encouraging development, coaching can help improve employee engagement, retention, and performance.

Coaching empowers employees to take ownership of their work, develop their skills, and achieve their goals, leading to a culture of learning and growth.

By investing in coaching, leaders and managers can foster a more engaged and productive workforce, leading to improved outcomes and success for the organisation as a whole.

What Makes Integrity Coaching So Impactful?

Integrity solutions centre new zealand
  • 1
    An effective, 5-step coaching process
  • 2
    Highly interactive course dynamics
  • 3
    A specific focus on values, motivation and praise that ignites an individual passion for coaching
  • 4
    8-Week Sustainment and Accountability and optional Monthly Performance Accelerator Modules
  • 5
    Essential strategies for spotting, and keeping, outstanding performers
  • 6
    Content may be customised for greater cultural alignment

Client Success

Examples of the impact Integrity Coaching delivers for our clients

"I have coached and managed teams in Australian banks and trained people in government departments and for me, Integrity Coaching makes coaching achievable for everyone. The activities are engaging and build the right skills where performance and kindness is balanced and valued."

Teachers Mutual Bank

"I have never, ever had a staff member participate in work-based training and so positively rave about the program! We now have all of our Facilitators very keen to receive similar training. A particular challenge for Facilitators is managing staff who are generally part-time, mostly working independently and very little face to face connection with their manager, let alone colleagues or anyone else in the company. The skills developed through your training positions managers very well to be effective in this situation.

NZ Health Group

Record-setting revenue while going through major acquisitions.


Retained key leaving staff. Under performers had transformed into productive team members

Anonymous Insurance Agency

Integrity solutions centre new zealand


“When looking for transformational leadership and building an integrity based sales culture the Integrity programmes deliver beyond expectations. With the implementation of these truly customer-centric programmes the sales and revenue performance of the business has increased tenfold, along with increased staff engagement and customer satisfaction ratings.”

- TSB Bank