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Goal Setting - Achieve!®

Looking to cultivate a high-energy and high-accountability culture in your organisation’s sales, operations, leadership, or customer service teams? Achieve® goal setting workshop offers a scalable and replicable process to help your team take ownership and achieve better outcomes.

Through this workshop, your team will gain essential qualities such as accountability, focus, motivation, and confidence, which are vital for achieving success. Moreover, they will learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and other obstacles, enabling them to establish a high-performance culture that attracts and retains top talent.

The Achieve® workshop provides a system and strategies that assist your team in defining and accomplishing goals, overcoming hurdles, and ultimately achieving the necessary results for success. So, if you’re striving to cultivate a culture of excellence in your organization, look no further than the Achieve® goal setting workshop. It’s the perfect program to help your team take their performance to the next level.

Impacts on Your Organisation









Benefits to an Organisation:

Attract and retain high performers with a culture of excellence
Empower your executive team with a success roadmap to drive performance
Fast track to success for new producers to develop their skills
Equip experienced professionals with a platform to elevate their performance to the next level
Establish a common framework for setting motivating goals and drive progress
Amplify coaching impact by focusing on goal progress and achievement drive

Achievement System

What Makes Achieve!® so Impactful?

Integrity solutions centre new zealand
  • 1
    Effective process for setting and attaining goals previously viewed as unattainable
  • 2
    Roadmap to advance to the next level of performance
  • 3
    Highly interactive course dynamics
  • 4
    Skills and behaviours are reinforced with 8-week Follow-Up course
  • 5
    Principles that unlock hidden potential and increase confidence
  • 6
     A framework that increases goal alignment and buy-in to the organisational direction


“Our production has increased by 29%, and we have recruited 15 new associates. Clearly Achieve! has had a major impact on our results. Our agents have both goal clarity and a balance between their professional and personal lives. The interpersonal relationship between producers and managers has never been stronger.”

- The Guardian