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Integrity Service®

a Customer-Focused Customer Service training program delivered across New Zealand, Australia and Asia Pacific.

In Integrity Service® your team members will learn how to build rapport, create value, increase customer satisfaction and uncover opportunities with existing clients.

By prioritising values and a shared organisational purpose, giving your team responsibility for their efforts, and recognising and rewarding their achievements, they will deliver exceptional service that moves your customers from satisfied to loyal. This customer-centric approach fosters long-term growth and strengthens customer loyalty for superior results.

Impacts on Your Organisation


Problem Solving


Employee Satisfaction


Customer Loyalty



Benefits of a

Understanding the importance of maintaining a customer service attitude
Skills for prioritising customers and making them feel valued
Improved interviewing and listening techniques for uncovering customer needs
The ability to convey a sincere desire to assist customers
A practical Problem-Solving Formula for addressing service problems
Creating a positive attitude when interacting with customers
Building long-term, lasting relationships

Problem Solving Formula

Problem Solving is the single most valuable aspect of customer service.

Solving existing problems and uncovering potential future problems is paramount to long-term customer loyalty. There is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and an organisation’s ability to solve their problems.

Integrity Service® equips customer service teams with the process to overcome customer problems, the skillset to do so professionally and the mindset to solve issues on their own.

Arm your team to defeat challenging situations autonomously.

What Makes Integrity Service so Impactful?

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  • 1
     Easily adaptable 6-Step Customer Communication Process
  • 2
    A simple Behaviour Styles Model
  • 3
    Highly interactive course dynamics
  • 4
    Content can be customised for increased relevancy
  • 5
    Aligned coaching resources for managers
  • 6
    A framework that increases goal alignment and buy-in to the organisational direction

Client Success

A few examples of the impact Integrity Selling delivers for  our clients

Patient satisfaction rankings for a major Medical Center increased from the 28th to the 78th percentile of academic medical centres.


Employee turnover dropped 50% and goal achievement increased from 90% to 103% (a 14% increase for a premier non-profit charity).


A leading U.S.-based insurance and financial services company had a 35% increase in overall customer effectiveness and a 32% increase in service beyond expectation.


A large regional credit union’s membership satisfaction scores remain between 92% to 95% over a year after implementation.


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“The results from the programme included an increase in internal communication, an increase in the awareness of the internal and external customer, and an increase in team building nationwide. People now trade harder on product availability, quality of service, delivery, timing, at a competitive price. They don’t discount as much. There has been a major shift in profitability.”