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Communicating With Impact®

Speak to your customers the way they want to be spoken to.

Our behaviour styles workshop will teach participants how to identify, speak and interact with different types of people.

The crucial differentiating factor that distinguishes satisfied customers and employees from loyal ones lies in the concept of value. Loyal individuals not only receive value from our offerings but also experience a genuine sense of being valued by us. To ensure they feel truly appreciated, it is essential to grasp their unique Behavior Style and respect their preferred mode of communication. This understanding becomes instrumental in fostering effective and efficient communication, which remains one of the few remaining competitive advantages in today’s landscape.

Learn how to make the most of every conversation.

Impacts on Your Organisation


People Skills


Workplace Cohesion


Awareness of Others


Customer Conflict

Participants will

How to identify their own behaviour style and understand how it influences their communication and interaction with others
The characteristics and preferences of different behaviour styles, including drivers, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses.
How to recognize and adapt to different behaviour styles in order to communicate effectively and build positive relationships with others.
Strategies for managing conflicts and misunderstandings that may arise due to differences in behaviour styles.
How to leverage behaviour style insights to improve teamwork, leadership, and customer service and sales.
The benefits of using behaviour style assessments in hiring, talent development, and organisational culture initiatives.
Practical applications of behaviour style knowledge in sales, negotiations, and other business contexts.
How to use behaviour style assessments and feedback to create personalised action plans for growth and development.

Behaviour Styles®

In various professional roles such as salespeople, coaches, and colleagues, it is common to make assumptions about individuals’ motivations. To enhance the selling or coaching experience, the implementation of Behaviour Styles® can enable individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their personal biases. Furthermore, it aids in comprehending why certain individuals may display reduced responsiveness, engagement, or unique reactions during discussions. Armed with these valuable insights, managers can facilitate more impactful and fruitful coaching dialogues with all employees, irrespective of their personal styles. Salespeople can also expedite the process of establishing rapport with customers, while internal communication, collaboration, and productivity are poised to experience remarkable growth.

What Makes Behaviour Styles Assessments so Valuable?

Integrity solutions centre new zealand
  • 1
    Explanation of Your Personal Behaviour Style (Strengths and Areas for Development)
  • 2
     How to Identify Another Person's Behaviour Style
  • 3
    Communication Tips With Others
  • 4
    Action Plans With All Four Styles
  • 5
    How to Adapt Sales, Service and Coaching With the Four Behaviour Styles


“As the workshop states, the #1 leading indicator of success is the ability to get along well with others. I constantly hear ‘eerily accurate’ from participants after they read their results and I so enjoy the sincere interest they have in how their colleagues communicate. The flexibility of exercises in the workshop allows you to cater to each group’s needs, and gives you the ability to steer in different directions on the fly depending on how the group interacts.”

- Director