Our Approach

Igniting the passion to deliver Customer Value


Most training promises to impart knowledge and develop new behaviours. But top-performing sales and service professionals have a special advantage.

They’re driven by a set of attitudes, beliefs and values that inspire them to achieve more—for their customers, their organisation and themselves.

By connecting knowledge, skills and values, our Integrity selling and service approach helps people unlock and consistently apply their own personal leverage points of success.


Our Integrity leadership, sales and service approach is guided by a simple but powerful philosophy:

  • Integrity earns trust.
  • Trust builds relationships.
  • Relationships create long-term value.

Integrity is doing the rightthing because it's the right thing to do.


We help you tackle one of the most persistent learning challenges: How is it that some people really excel after training, yet so many others don’t? Here’s how we do it.

Grounded in Values

Changes mindsets, ignites motivation and aligns with cultural expectations.

Integrated Coaching

Engages managers to model, coach and overcome performance-limiting behaviours.



Helps the middle move up and the best get better, no matter what their roles are.

Sequenced Continuous Learning

Creates accountability, solidifies new behaviours and ensures training ROI.


Pre/Post Assessment
Sets benchmarks, measures results and validates changed behaviours.
Leader/Manager Development
Introduces concepts, sets leadership expectations and emphasises the manager’s critical role in modeling and coaching the process.
Facilitator Certification
Equips your internal facilitators to manage the behaviour change process and apply our learning methodologies to develop your employees.
Initial Seminar
Introduces key concepts, skills and behaviours and sets the stage for sequenced continuous learning.
Structured Follow-Up
Six-to-eight-week structured follow-up activities that facilitate real-world application, accountability and team building.
Supportive Coaching
Continual performance feedback, support, reinforcement and culture building.
Advanced Application / Ongoing Reinforcement
Deep dives and continual growth opportunities to expand belief boundaries and help people reach new success levels.


Structured follow-up comes standard with every Integrity Solutions learning experience. Why? Because people forget 75% of what they learned in a training event within 48 hours if they don’t immediately apply it and receive coaching or feedback.

Research conducted by G. V. Goddard and others shows that without a formal process that holds people accountable to immediately applying what they’ve learned, retention falls at an accelerating rate. The result? Little to no behaviour change or performance improvement. Goddard’s “Forgetting Curve” illustrates that without reinforcement and application within two days of a learning event 75% of the information covered will be forgotten. Our approach ensures your investments won’t be lost to the Forgetting Curve.