Non Profits


Increasing impact and reach is priority number one for non-profit organisations. But without adopting a values-based selling mindset and skills, many will miss out on the full opportunity they have to make a difference. Selling doesn’t have to conflict with your values. In fact, sales should be rooted in them.


Without good salesmanship, non-profits can’t persuade others of the value of your mission, the need for your organisation or the difference your work is making on the world.

But many non-profit organisations have a tough time viewing their work in the context of the “sales.” A mindset shift is critical for redefining negative perceptions of selling and making sure everyone understands that sales is about identifying and meeting needs, creating value and building relationships — all things that align with the organisation’s core values and ethics.

Accomplishing the mission requires you to be more intentional about increasing your exposure, and that requires a strategic, sales-minded approach. Rather than viewed through the lens of accumulating greater profits, it’s about selling to achieve greater impact.

We help remove the stigma and resistance surrounding sales so mission-driven non-profits can get buy-in and establish a sales culture that’s driven by a commitment to building relationships and creating more value for those you serve. It’s a principles-driven approach that your employees will feel good about — and that will help them make an even bigger difference in the world.


One of the most important things your non-profit work does to expand its impact is to convince others of the value of your mission. We’ve worked with a variety of leading non-profit organisations to help them transition to a culture that views themselves as having an obligation to not just get their services out into the world but to also increase awareness and funding through a more sales-oriented mindset.

Our non-profit clients have discovered that they can still be very mission-minded and intentional about how they “sell” their services in the marketplace—and they’re able to make an even bigger difference in the process.