Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing & Industrial

In industries like manufacturing, chemicals and agribusiness, it’s a challenging but exciting time to be in sales. Innovations are creating new opportunities, while teams work to rebuild lost revenue streams and fluctuating end-market demand presents new obstacles. Sales teams hold the key to making sure their organisations survive and even thrive through the next disruptive event.


The manufacturing sector consistently ranks toward the top of monthly job growth figures. And as the industry grows, sales teams need to be better prepared. In manufacturing and industrial business, it’s common for sales reps to have well-established territories that they’ve worked for a long time. They are typically very comfortable servicing those relationships and often don’t see other opportunities within the territory or even within the customer business itself. Because they have these long-standing customers, they also may be reluctant to knock on cold doors that are competitive strongholds.

To achieve aggressive growth margin targets in an ever-more challenging and competitive environment, these teams must go after and acquire new customers.

Successful sales teams in the industrial and manufacturing sectors stay successful and outcompete the market by:

  • Winning on true customer value vs. price cuts and rebates.
  • Increasing product mix and market share.
  • Working with their distributor and retail partners to help them engage in value-based selling with their own customers to drive higher sell-through, demand and revenue.
  • Collaborating productively with marketing and technical experts to achieve higher close rates.

Our manufacturing and industrial sales training programs help teams break through the “belief boundaries” that may be holding them back so that they can achieve more than they may have thought was possible for them. It’s a process that enables them to engage in new discussions, elevate their confidence, move past plateaus and consistently perform up to their full potential — even in the face of new market obstacles and external disruptions.