Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Energy and utilities providers face challenges of decreasing demand, new competitors, changing customer expectations and heightened regulatory pressures. Long-term growth can’t come from raising prices. Customer retention hinges on superior service, anticipating needs and solving problems swiftly, in ways that create true customer loyalty.


Leading energy and utility companies know that customer “satisfaction” isn’t good enough. They want and need customers for life.

The roots of customer loyalty come from a culture where every employee is completely customer-focused and able to exceed expectations. For viability over the long term, providers need get serious about creating differentiating customer experiences that truly connect with their customer base.

It all starts with stronger teamwork across departments, where communication is seamless, productivity and engagement are high and customers are the central focus.

Knowing what it means to create value for customers is something most people in service roles can get on board with. It’s also how you bridge service and selling, instilling a culture of both across the organisation. The mindset shift that comes from this process will unlock the potential of your people to deliver a whole new level of value in every customer interaction.