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CAANZ Programme

Transitioning from Accountant to Business Adviser


There is an opportunity to capitalise on, and expand, your existing client base by developing your advice component of your overall financial services package.

There is no doubt that an engaged client is seeking wisdom from their professional advisers to help position their organisation in a competitive market. As an accountant, you are uniquely positioned to provide sage and relevant information, knowledge, remedies and inspiration allied to the financial performance of an organisation.

To effectively deliver a profound impact to your clients’ financial operation, can be learned by seeking and undertaking focused professional coaching and training through Integrity Solutions. Your clients will enthusiastically pay for your insight into their financial activity when they can see how it impacts on a positive performance improvement in their business.

The modern accountant needs to lead the business rather than follow the business. Today’s smart accountant will provide a business with knowledge that will ensure that the business flourishes rather than languishes. A good accountant will use their information to guide the company to a better future.

To become an accountant you attended lectures, studied and acquired the skills to present your qualified services to the market. To be an adviser accountant will require attending lectures, studying and acquiring the skills to become an effective communicator. Integrity Solutions is your new university. Now is no better time to commit to acquiring these new skills.

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  1. Evolving technologies are re-shaping traditional accounting.
  2. Clients’ expectations are changing from information to insights.
  3. Shifting competitive and regulatory environment.


Skills Needed:

  1. Analytical Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Relationship Skills
  4. Creativity
  5. Business Acumen
  6. Tech-savviness

"6 Skills Accountants Need To Become Exceptional" by Zach Deming, Digitalist Magazine, 2017


Shifting Focus

“But once our professionals shift into spending more time in this higher-valued advisory space, we’re going to go kicking and screaming to a place we will love to be”, he said. “It’s a much more valuable, satisfying and profitable space for our professionals to occupy”.

Bill Reeb, CPA/CITP, CGMA, CEO of the Succession Institute and vice chair of the AICPA

Excerpt from Accounting Firms: The next generation, June 1, 2018


Integrity's CAANZ Programme is aligned with NZICA/CAANZ Standards of Ethical Conduct

Fundamental Principles in both codes are:

A member shall comply with the following fundamental principles:

  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Professional competence and due care
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional behaviour

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Programme Detail


The CAANZ Programme includes a workshop, on-line resources and a follow-up course.

In-house programmes are also available.

This programme is presented by Integrity Solutions Centre.

The CAANZ Programme is a comprehensive Business Adviser training solution for CAs looking for opportunities to expand their business and provide even greater value for their clients.

This empowering blended learning programme provides members with the skills and mindset to shift into the higher-valued adviser role, which is a much more valuable, satisfying and profitable space for accounting professionals to occupy.


Content Description

This programme shifts CA’s skills and focus to adviser services and value-added strategic input. The internationally recognised Integrity Solutions client conversation framework and unique behaviour change techniques will enable CAs to evolve into a true business partner.

Grounded in strong values and ethics, the Integrity Adviser Communication process embodies principles-based content and provides participants with a process that identifies clients’ needs, concerns and opportunities along with best practice adviser problem solving communication skills.

Managers are provided with aligned coaching resources.


Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion and graduation, you will be able to:

  • Identify further opportunities to provide greater value for clients and expand your business.
  • Conduct a compliant needs-based client interview, resulting in positive customer outcomes.
  • Where appropriate, position yourself to assume a broader set of strategic responsibilities within your organisation.
  • Improve in confidence and ability in business development.
  • Increase ability to develop rapport and collaboration with a wide range of people.
  • Improve overall communication skills.
  • Achieve win-win outcomes from your interactions, improve problem solving and increase productivity for yourself and others.

The programme format consists of:

  • Digital platform pre-work
  • One day workshop
  • Eight, one-hour group face-to-face or Zoom/video-conference interactive follow-up coaching sessions
  • Awards graduation ceremony



The benefits of the programme are stronger client relationships – internal and external; improved communication; greater client opportunities; expanded degree of influence; and measurable increased personal and business success.


Topic:              People & Leadership

Sub-Topic:      Adviser Skills

Format:            Workshop

CPD:               To be confirmed


Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth CBD, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

Member Price:          $3,150.00

Non-Member Price:    $3,500.00


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