Humble Beginnings

Established in 1968 by Ron Willingham (1932-2019), Integrity Solutions has dedicated decades to developing and enhancing a distinctive learning approach that transforms knowledge and expertise into practical behaviours. Initially, Ron provided leadership courses and collaborated with Dr Maxwell Maltz to revise the bestseller, Psycho-Cybernetics. He also provided consultancy services to Success Magazine.

Over the next ten years, Ron refined a learning methodology that could elicit enduring behavioural change. He then shifted his focus to enhancing sales effectiveness by creating Integrity SellingĀ®, which became a pioneering philosophy that prioritised customer needs-focused selling.

Later on, Integrity Solutions introduced Integrity ServiceĀ® to train individuals in customer service and complemented sales and service training with the launch of Integrity CoachingĀ®. All of these training programmes blend skillset, mindset, and disciplined processes to produce revolutionary results.

Based on research and observations, Ron went on to author numerous books on sales, leadership, customer service, coaching, goal attainment, and personal development.

Sadly, Ron Willingham passed away in August 2019.