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Integrity Selling® for Customer Owned Banks

In today's financial environment understanding customer needs is paramount for success.   The foundation of Integrity Selling® is a Statement of Values and Ethics that helps define selling as a process of identifying customer needs, filling those needs, and creating value.

  1. Selling is a mutual exchange of value.
  2. Selling isn't something you do to customers; it's something you do for and with them.
  3. Developing trust and rapport precedes any selling activity.
  4. Pressure is never exerted by the financial sales professional. It's exerted only by customers when they perceive they want or need the solutions you provide.
  5. Selling techniques give way to values-driven principles.
  6. Truth, respect, and honesty provide the basis for long-term selling success.
  7. Ethics and values contribute more to the sales success than do techniques or strategies.
  8. Understanding the wants and needs of customers enhances the ability to create value.
  9. Negotiation is never manipulation. It's a strategy to work through concerns — when customers want to work through them.
  10. Closing is a victory for the bank, the customers and the financial sales professional.

Behaviour Change

The objective of Integrity Selling® for Customer Owned Banks is to create positive, needs-focused selling behaviours. This occurs through time lapse, repetition and positive reinforcement. Participants are introduced to a values-driven sales process in a highly interactive, facilitator-led seminar.  Behaviour change is practised and reinforced in structured follow-ups and coaching sessions where individuals apply the concepts as they interact with customers. Managers learn how to support long term sales success and how to create a customer needs based culture through Integrity Coaching® skills and principles.

Creating Values Based, Customer Focused Bank Cultures

We are looking forward to seeing you at the COBA Convention! Here is a glimpse into why we will be there.

“The banking industry recognises that customers and the wider community expect banks to make sure they have the right culture, the right practices, and the right behaviours.”

“Retail bank culture will be demonstrably ethically and customer oriented (Recommendation 9).”

- Stephen Sedgwick, Retail Banking Remuneration Review, 2017

The 2017 Retail Banking Remuneration Review by Stephen Sedgwick resulted in 21 recommendations to ensure banks create the right environment for positive customer outcomes.

Integrity Solutions specialises in creating values based, customer focused bank cultures, resulting in trust relationships between your bank and your customers, and between leaders and employees.

We have been working with customer owned banks in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years and have retained all our banking clients.

The podcast link below introduces the Integrity Solutions approach to customer needs focused sales for customer owned banks and credit unions.

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Megan and Karen

Teacher's Mutual Bank is an honoree of The World's Most Ethical Companies and has been involved with Integrity Solutions SINCE 2009

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